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2 + 2 = 5

2 + 2 = 5

current rotation of favorites xx


i didn't know i

needed this until it was suggested to me at counter. rosecliff is the perfect nude rose hue, with a touch of brown. its a total 'your lips but better' color that can be worn everyday. the formula is comfortable, but i always use lip creme underneath.

another day another

palette, right? i can't say i have been able to avoid the siren call of multiple colors in one hard to open container. but i've gotten better at saying 'no', until i saw this guy. it has the perfect cool tones that i was looking for, and travels well. i use the four center colors most, while the lightest and darkest are good for highlighting and eye lining.


to take it all off i've been using clinique's 'take the day off' balm cleanser. this is the closest i have found to caroline hirons' pixie double cleanse, as the og pixie cleansing balm was too greasy for me. this magically takes off almost all of my makeup with an extra swipe of bioderma for the stubborn mascara and i'm good to go. 


this doesn't have

the best smell to it, but what it does have is little granules that help to gently exfoliate my face. i use this 3 times a week, sometimes i mix a little of it into glow recipes' blueberry gentle bounce cleanser, for extra oomph


this is a bit more

decadent than the salt scrub from lush, and the price reflects it. i love using this to cleanse my scalp once a week/every other week. its so cleansing that i feel the shaft and ends of my hair become a bit more straw like. nothing that madame c.j.'s can't fix.


last in the routine

but not least is this gem. it burns in the best way and gets the most complaints from my husband because of the odor, which i don't mind. best used once a day, when is up to you, but i keep it to my night routine. this product worked so well that i am keen to try the rest of the pricey range :/


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the dolphins

the dolphins